Friday, 30 December 2016

The Raasay's Sister Ships

From Richard Houston:
I write following your pictures of the Raasay on yesterday's blog. This summer we sailed round Ireland during June/July and saw some of her former sister ships in the Island Class. Three of these operate on the 15 min crossing between Burtonport and Arranmore off the Donegal coast. The Rhum and Coll are run by Arranmore Ferries in red livery and the Morvern by Arranmore Fasrferries in blue livery. We saw the Rhum (pictured) and Morvern while we were anchored at Arranmore. The Morvern is a little shorter than the Raasay which was a later build. The Morvern could only take 4 cars.

There is another, the MV Kilbrannan, which is the Clare Island ferry but we did not see her as we sailed past on the Atlantic side. The Canna still sails in Calmac colours serving Rathlin from Ballycastle.

Perhaps some of the fans of "Ships in the Sound" may be interested in these five small ships which are still earning their keep as ferries.

Many thanks to Richard for picture & story.

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