Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A Parade of Weather and Birds

After a night of heavy rain, a vicious hail shower at around 3.30 this morning, and then lightning just before first light, the weather suddenly cleared to give bright sunshine, so I walked down to the bay below the house and then on to the point, not in the hope of seeing the otter again but more.... watch the weather come across, driven on by a stiff westerly wind. For a few minutes, as the next squall bounced over the ridge at the back of Ormsaigbeg, a faint rainbow burned in front of Meall nan Con.

The natural rock seat I use is protected from the westerlies and, sitting there, there's always something to watch. Several gulls came past - this looks like a black-backed gull - and....

....two shags spent some time fishing where the otter had been, this one very ruffled by a squall, but the most interesting passer by was....

....what I take to be a Manx shearwater.

A hail shower and the rising wind chased me home, but after lunch the parade of weather continued....

....with these clouds which are about as close as I've seen to the mammatus clouds associated with cumulonimbus anvil thunderstorms.


  1. Great clouds, but I think your max is just a juvenile gull!

    The Raptor

  2. Many thanks, Raptor - but I'm disappointed. Jon