Saturday, 3 December 2016

St Comghan's - Wired

With the perimeter wall of the graveyard repaired, the final task was to renew the strands of wire which run along the top of the wall, and which help keep the local sheep from jumping it. The existing wire was down in several places, and rusty everywhere else, so....

....the first job for members of the Ardnamurchan History & Heritage Association this morning was to cut away the old wire - very carefully, as sections were still under tension - and fold it up so it could be disposed of.

In the picture can be seen the new wire provided by the owners of the site, Highland Council.

The new wire was then fitted and, using radisseurs, tensioned. Fortunately, with the exception of two of the iron posts, all were in reasonably good condition, and the two missing ones we had had replaced by Damian and Richard.

The job took two and a half hours. Picture shows the section of wall which had fallen and the new wire in place.

Many thanks indeed to Dale, Ian, Ricky and Rob for giving their time and expertise, and to Dave Cash, the owner of the surrounding land, for his help in transporting the materials.


  1. Fabulous photos all autumn, thanks.

    Just out of curiosity, how is Comghan pronounced (or is it just as written)? RB.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment, RB.

    Comghan is something like 'co-han'. Jon