Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Raptor's Ramblings

The Raptor was out at the lighthouse on Boxing Day watching Storm Conor and writes, "These were some of the biggest rollers I've seen, with great deep troughs between them. The tide was out yet wave after wave broke over the top of the rocks."

On a gentler note, yesterday he was at Sanna where the storm had quite different effects. The rise and fall of the tide causes the level of water in the burn that runs down to the beach near Sanna Bheag to fluctuate, leaving these sculptures in its canyon-like course.

The storm had different effects elsewhere on the same beach. "There must be at least four feet of sand missing from the northern corner of the beach," the Raptor writes, "and the geology that it has uncovered is very interesting and well worth a visit before it's all covered over again."

As would be expected, the Raptor also turned his camera onto the wildlife. This is a great northern diver in its winter plumage, swimming in one of the bays at Sanna.

Many thanks to the Raptor for story and pictures.

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