Monday, 5 December 2016

Quiet Waters

This was the slipway first thing this morning, with the sun coming up over Morvern and hardly a ripple across the bay. High cloud continued into the early part of yesterday evening, and it was cloudy again this morning, but overnight the sky cleared and we had a sharp frost.

Nine teal had spent the night on the still waters of Lochan nan Al, just along from the shop, and were sleeping in, camouflaged against a frosty reed bed - this despite the first customers drawing up at the shop.

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  1. Would you please point out to you readers that lochan nan al is not adjacent to the shop, good 60 meters away, and the wild fowl are not affected in any way by human activity along the way. Last week we had two pairs of northern divers, stalking herons and various other species which I could not identify at the

    Ivor A Carmichael.