Thursday, 15 December 2016

Dominic Cooper's Poems

Most of us know local author Dominic Cooper as a novelist and short story writer, but he is quoted as saying, "By nature I feel myself to be first and foremost a poet, but poetry for me has always been an essentially private affair and I have never felt any great need for it to be published."

He has changed his mind. A fine art, limited edition of 200 copies of Waymarking, which brings together twenty-three of Dominic's poems taken from across the years, is now available from his website, here.

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  1. Dom's novels are brilliant too - 'Dead of Winter' and 'Sunrise' in particular for anyone who loves the west coast of Scotland, or 'Men at Axlir' for a taste of Iceland at it's most dramatic and bleak. Can get them from his website too.