Saturday, 24 December 2016

Seasonal Confusion

We may have minor disturbances like Barbara and Conor passing us, but closer to earth things are not at all normal. This picture shows the last of the tomatoes picked today in our unheated greenhouse, along with some of the carrots which are still growing in a bed in the back garden.

There seems to be some confusion in the front garden too. This little red rose is one of two miniatures flowering, along with ceanothus and fuchsia, while down the road....

....this large ox-eye daisy is in flower, and the way they're behaving....

....some of the local brambles should be in fruit during January.


  1. Jon, a very Merry Christmas to you from Leith. Your blog is wonderful reading, thanks for taking the trouble to produce such a lovely thing. I'm sure that you will be pleased to hear that the Scottish Navy (Hirta, Pharos, Scotia and Jura)are all safely berthed alongside in Leith Harbour this night.
    Slàinte mhòr,
    Pete MacDhùghaill

  2. A wise move by the Scottish Navy. We look forward to seeing them again in quieter times. And thank you, Pete, for your kind comment. Jon