Friday, 16 December 2016

News about the Parish Church

From Rev Fiona Ogg:

At a recent meeting of Presbytery, there was an agreement to change the status of the Ardnamurchan Parish Church building from its long-standing ‘D’ to an ‘A’.

While the commitment of Presbytery to support and uphold the congregation has never wavered, Presbytery had been seriously concerned about the future of the building. Presbytery has decided that the building is now considered an essential part of future Presbytery plans.

The future of the building remains challenging, but this change in status means various funding bodies can now be applied to for help with funding towards restorative work on the fabric of the building.

The Kirk Session will now produce a timeline of works and consider what can be fundedr from donations already given, and which funds or charities will be approached for grants toward the works. This work may be done by those outside the congregation who have more experience of this type of work.

We will endeavour to keep you up to date with information but would urge you to watch the Ardnamurchan Parishes website and Facebook pages for regular updates. If you would like to become more involved with this project and or with Sunday worship please talk to a member of the Kirk Session - Session Clerk Bridget Cameron, Moira Fisher, Val Phillipps, Eilidh Canning and Jim Angus, or me.

So it’s good news for the building during a time of good news for all people!

God’s blessing at this particularly special time of year.

Many thanks to Fiona Ogg for this post.

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