Thursday, 1 September 2016

Superfast Broadband

Back in January 2015 contractors were installing the cabling which would carry superfast broadband into this remote area of Scotland. At the time, we were told that we would be able to switch to a hugely better service some time in September 2016.

Well, it's September 2016 now, and we haven't heard anything more about it. In fact, after the contractors left, all we've seen.... the occasional Openreach van with 'Superfast fibre' written on the side.

BT is being paid huge sums by the Scottish government for what it's doing, so it doesn't need to worry too much about the people to whom it is supposed to be providing a 'service'. In any case, those of us living in and around Kilchoan, who will benefit from the service when it does finally arrive, feel a bit embarrassed that people living out in the even more remote areas of the peninsula, and in places like Glenborrodale which the fibre cables bypass, won't see any improvement even when the superfast option is switched on.


  1. According to the 'Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband' site:


    Fibre broadband is not currently available in this area.

    Digital Scotland plans to extend fibre broadband coverage in this area. Work under the Digital Scotland programme means that the first premises in this area are currently expected to receive fibre broadband by the end of December 2016. Deployment in this exchange is being managed by Highlands and Islands Enterprise, for more information go to or send an email to

    But HIE only has the same info. You could try sending them an email if you have the energy.

  2. Jon, can you explain why Glenborrodale miss out as the cable presumably runs beside the road which services the village.

  3. Many thanks, Anonymous, for the link. Good to know it's coming soon.

    Derryck, the fibre cable goes through Glenborrodale but, like an express train, there won't be a station - ie: no 'green box' to distribute to premises. Also the Glenborrodale exchange is stone age.

  4. On 19th August BBC News Highlands and Islands website carried a story about trials of Long Reach VDSL technology in North Tolsta, Lewis.There are 20 properties and this technology can apparently provide superfast broadband over long runs of copper cables from a single green box which if successful would be ideal in places like Glenborrodale.

  5. Meanwhile the broadband we have is now super slow, or at least mine has been this week. TP