Sunday, 18 September 2016

Glendrian in the Rain - Again

We drove down the Sanna road and parked just beyond the bridge over the Allt Uamha na Muice, the burn that flows to the west of Achnaha to become the Allt Sanna, with the intention of walking to Glendrian, in the full knowledge that the weather was forecast to deteriorate - which it duly did.

We approached the township along the line of the ridge called Druim Liath - the word liath in Gaelic meaning, appropriately, grey - startling a small group of red deer hinds, crossing the ridge to get....

....a first view of the township across the bowl of land eroded out of the centre of the Ardnamurchan Tertiary volcanic ring complex.

We seem to make a habit of visiting Glendrian in the rain, partly perhaps because rain tends to come with wind and, being in the centre of the peninsula and surrounded by hills, the place is relatively sheltered.

By the time we walked up to the main group of houses, which includes the only house which had a second storey added, the rain was hammering.... less down than horizontally, so this picture was taken while crouching in the lee of a wall of one of the buildings.

Somewhere there is a reference to a corn-drying kiln amongst the buildings, and this small building is a candidate, but it doesn't look anything like the kiln at Bourblaige, which is exceptionally well preserved.

We have a covered area at the back of the house in which to hang our wet-weather gear.  There it became apparent that my Karrimor Elite waterproof trousers, made of Event material, costing over £100, had been defeated by the conditions, so my jeans were soaked.

Nothing should be branded as 'waterproof' until it's been tested in the Ardnamurchan wind and rain.

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