Sunday, 11 September 2016

Ardslignish Eagles

From the Raptor:
I went for a walk yesterday to see if I could get some pictures of the eagles that have been hanging around over the Ardslignish ridge at the top end of Camas nan Gael and the bottom of the Basin. I caught a glimpse of them on my way to work a few days ago, and there have been reported sightings of five or more sea eagles. So in the morning I set off up past the wind turbine in a brisk but dry wind, and I was only on the hill ten minutes when the first eagle appeared....

....then two then three then four. I lay down on the ground with my collie, Callan, beside me and this was enough to catch the attention of the eagles who as well as being harassed by ravens slowly made their way towards me and seemed happy to soar not too high above my head checking out their next meal! Unfortunately due to the bad light and dark sky many of the pictures are very silhouetted but some have came out well.

Although the eagles were coming low it was really difficult to catch them perfectly, but they hung around long enough to give me the best sighting of juvenile sea eagles that I've ever had. I just missed out on getting a picture of two sitting in a tree at the top of a waterfall just after a heavy shower. I rounded the corner maybe 30 feet away from the tree as both of them lifted off at the exact same time. Bad timing on my part.

Many thanks to the Raptor for story & pictures

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