Saturday, 10 September 2016

Fallow Deer Doe

The fallow deer we see on the Estate are not only beautiful, they're also surprisingly tame. We came across this one as we were driving past one of the pine plantations and fully expected her to flee, but she didn't. We stopped, backed up for a better view, turned the engine off, wound down the window -and she continued to watch us.

After taking several photographs marred by the deer fence between us, and after a number of other cars has passed, I finally climbed out of the car and....

....very slowly approached the fence. She still didn't move, watching me until I rested the camera on one of the wires, when she moved to face us, and I took this picture.

Several pictures later I turned and, very slowly, walked back to the car.

She was still watching us as we drove away.

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