Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Aberdeen & Back

We rarely go away - who needs to when living in a place like this? - but we spent the weekend on our first visit to Aberdeen, and were impressed with the neatness and variety of the city. One highlight was watching the ships moving in and out of the harbour, and seeing....

....some interesting new designs, including this very unusual bow on one of the oil rig tenders. These were tied up, but upward of a dozen more were anchored offshore, testament to the savage downturn in the oil industry's fortunes.

At the other end of the city we enjoyed the mediaeval architecture along the Don and in the university town, with the 13th century Brig o' Balgownie a special favourite.

As if yesterday's post was written in preparation for this, the view across Camas nan Geall on our return gave us fair warning of the weather to come - which included increasing cloud last night which obscured a promising aurora event, and strong westerlies today which are due to gust to gale force as the afternoon continues.

However, this morning saw some fine weather, and one of the crofters moving his sister's sheep along the road in Kilchoan, and driving them....

....out onto the marsh. The lambs from these sheep need special marketing because not only are they free range - they seem to get everywhere - but much of their time is spent grazing on seaweed, which should give their meat a huge marketing advantage.

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