Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Storm Warning

This is a clip taken from the newly-discovered windyty website (many thanks, Ronnie) which gives a graphic idea of how suddenly the winds can increase as a weather system moves in from the Atlantic. The BBC Weather website indicates that the front of these strong winds should arrive any time now, around four, with gusts to gale force, and these gusts will be increasing to over 50mph later in the evening.

Yet before this weather came in we've had relative calm, with ships moving through the murk in the Sound of Mull - that is, except the ferries to the outer isles, which have been cancelled for the day, though the Tobermory ferry has been running. This is the Scot Isle hurrying north, while....

....the Dutch ship Novomar came in to the Sound from the northwest an hour ago and then anchored off Rubha nan Gall lighthouse, a good position in which to ride out what will be strong southwesterlies.

In amongst all the excitement of the beginning of what promises to be some brisk weather, Jim Caldwell has asked for people's support in updating this little directory which, as can be seen, was last printed in 2011.

Jim writes, "There will be notices with blank forms at both the shop and the Community Centre by Thursday in order to allow everyone to log their name, address and phone number as required. Otherwise anyone can contact me by email on"

We find the directory invaluable, so do hope that everyone will support Jim.

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