Monday, 26 September 2016

Approaching Kilchoan

We were returning to the village along the B8007 the other day, in none too wonderful weather, when, despite the weather, it occurred to us how fortunate we were in the approach to our community. First, one passes what must be, even in pretty dreadful weather, one of the most perfect bays in the world, Camas nan Geall, after which.... runs past Loch Mudle, with the first glimpses, even in mucky weather, of the Small Isles, after which, a mile down the road....

....there's this show-stopper of a view, down the wide glen of the Achateny Water to Eigg, Rum and, if you're lucky, Muck and Skye, following which.... starts to run downhill towards Kilchoan and, as the forestry of Beinn nan Losgann falls back, there's this panoramic view, even on a grey, damp day, of Mull and the Sound of Mull.

Of course, this post could be rewritten for one of our loveliest days....


  1. From that high-point at the forestry of Beinn nan Losgann, one can put the car in neutral and coast all the way to the hotel.... am I the only one?

  2. Gosh, has that old bus of yours got a sail? I can't get farther than Hugh the Bus, sorry, Glasbheinn Cottages.