Thursday, 15 September 2016

New Managers at Mingary Castle

Mingary Castle was looking magnificent this morning in bright September sunshine. Each time I see it, I can't believe the transformation that's occurred in less than four years, from a ruin which was about to fall into the sea into a top-end letting establishment - and it's already proving it can, under very changed circumstances, earn its keep and ensure its long-term future.

Areas, such as the lawns at the front, which a few months ago were little more than builders' mud, now look smart and cared for, and form a fine contrast to the grim north curtain wall of this 13th century fortress.

The castle's new business has got off to a good start, with occupation rates higher than expected, but persuading people to come to such a remote spot will remain a challenge.

With the arrival of new managers, John McGowan & Alison Cunningham, have come a new chef and sous chef, appointed to lift the already high standard of food to new levels. The castle has already been attracting five-star reviews, so let's see what happens when visitors comment on the new gourmet experience and Alison and John's warm Highland welcome at Mingary Castle.

The castle's website is here.

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  1. Hi Jon,
    Whatever happened to former managers Holly and Chris Bull? They had manages Minagary Castle for over a year. I would have thought that they would hang around for a few more years,