Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Around the Bay

It's September, the nights are drawing in, and some of the days have a distinctly autumnal feel about them. This is the view this morning across Kilchoan Bay from the parapet in front of Meall mo Chridhe, with a thin drizzle falling from the mist.

Further out, what looked like a fishing boat was manoeuvring  off Ormsaigbeg, but it had no visible registration number, no visible name, and was untypical of a fishing boat in that it had four persons on board - most small fishing boats are lean on their crew. Perhaps it's a research vessel.

Above the bay a pair of hooded crows, joined by a vocal gull, were making a big fuss of seeing off a buzzard. It looked like a juvenile, which might explain why it quickly gave up the contest.

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