Sunday, 6 March 2016

SM-6: Mingary Castle

Mingary Castle is West Ardnamurchan's most important scheduled monument. This fine 13th century castle has been restored and renovated to recreate it as it might have looked in about 1720. As part of this process, many hours were spent on detailed archaeological excavations and recordings, all of which will be contained in a report which should be published in the not-too-distant future.

The history of the castle and descriptions of the work that has been carried out there are available on the Mingary Castle website, here. The castle will become available to rent from May 2016 - the letting site is here.


  1. Good afternoon,

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    I am writing on behalf of Historic Environment Scotland Photo Unit.

    We are currently working on a project entitled ‘What’s Your Heritage’. Part of this project is to engage our visitors in an online survey (live until around March 2017) to find out their opinion on what heritage means to them. One of the images we are hoping to use to illustrate this is of the redeveloped Mingary Castle. I have found this picture online that would be perfect to use as an illustration? Do you own the copyright and would you be happy for us to use it?

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  2. Michelle - please contact me at Jon