Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Community Centre Improvements

The Kilchoan Community Centre was one of many built at the millennium, and was a huge improvement on the old hall, a wood-framed corrugated iron structure which used to move underfoot during the more energetic dances. The Centre houses the doctor's surgery, a multipurpose hall with stage, a cafe, a kitchen, toilets and showers, a games room which can be used for group meetings, and a small shop.

But, as with all things bright and new, time has taken its toll. Aware of this, the board which runs the Centre started to collect funds to make some much needed improvements.

Two are being actively pursued. One is a face-lift for the Lemon Tree tea room and, using money already collected, work on this has started - a new door at centre in the picture, which leads to the kitchen, replaces a hatch. The board is anxious to point out that no money collected for this has been moved to the other project, which is to turn the much underused Games Room into what it was always intended to be, the doctor's surgery.  With the costs for this so high, the board has to seek grant aid.

So that people know what's happening on some of West Ardnamurchan's various committees, two - the Community Council and the Community Development Company - are now publishing their minutes as soon as possible after the meeting - both are on the West Ardnamurchan News. This does have the disadvantage that the minutes are unconfirmed, that is, they are the minuting secretary's best efforts. At the recent WACDC meeting, a statement was minuted that money collected for the Tea Room had been transferred to the new Surgery fund. This is incorrect.


  1. ivor Carmichael.31 March 2016 at 22:17

    Hi Jon,
    our last hall was not as said, a wooden framed corrugated iron structure which used to move underfoot, that was the one before which served many years & purposes. The next one was built by a reputable Oban based builder with local connections & served many a good cause,badminton,funerals, weddings, good causes, sale of works for local causes, fund raiseinigs for both churches, local mods, bring & buys & any other cause at the time. At a price everybody could afford. The new so called community centre took the centre out of the community by locals not being able to afford the rent per day/night. Going from £15 per night in our "old hall" to £350 per night in our community centre.
    Thanks for that.

  2. Hi Ivor

    Thank you for correcting me.


  3. You are spot on Ivor these were real community days