Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Canada Geese

A small flock of greylag geese have been resident around Kilchoan Bay all winter, feeding along the shore or in the croft fields below the road. They're wary when one approaches within about fifty metres, with....

....some more nervous than others.

This morning a dozen of them were feeding at the bottom of the beach just along from the Ferry Stores, where they had been joined....

 ....by a pair of Canada geese. The Canada geese seemed to be very sociable, and the greylags didn't mind their company.

Canada geese are resident in Britain having been introduced. There are some 60,000 British pairs, but they aren't year-round in the northern part of Scotland, so this pair is likely to be one of those that overwinter further south and migrate north to their summer feeding grounds.

Also swimming off the jetty this morning was this very smart pair of red breasted mergansers.

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