Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Clear Skies, Sunshine & Auroras

A couple of days ago we were quite excited when we saw a single bumblebee. Now they're crowding onto the plants, especially the heathers which are in full bloom, but they're visiting just about everything that's in flower, including the dwarf daffodils.

With the temperature hitting 18C or 19C for the last three days, the bees aren't the only summer insects enjoying the sunshine. We saw several butterflies today, none of them staying around long enough for a picture, but they included a red admiral, a peacock and a tortoiseshell.

We've never had weather like this before in March; and, as if the days aren't glorious enough....

....the aurora is lighting the night skies. I just missed this red event last night, but the forecast - see the Aurora Service site here - is for a similar one this evening - and the skies should still be clear.

Aurora plot courtesy Willowbank Observatory, Mull - site here.

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