Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Postie Retires

Ritchie Dinnes, who has been one of our posties since 2011, retired at the end of last month. Ritchie says, "Please thank everyone for the gifts and kind wishes I received following my retirement as a postie in West Ardnamurchan. I lost count of the times visitors said to me that I must have one of the most beautiful areas in the country to work in. This is undeniably true, but it was also the people, and a couple of dogs, that made it so memorable! I hope my successor, Kenneth Cameron, enjoys the job as much as I did."

The Diary will particularly miss him as he had the occasional habit of taking a camera with him on his rounds, and we benefitted from the pictures he took.

Our thanks go to Ritchie for his services, along with our good wishes for his retirement.

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