Monday, 14 March 2016

Lighthouse Eagle Display

Leaving our car on the road just short of the lighthouse, we walked south today in what can only be described as summer weather. By one o'clock, having wandered far further and for far longer than we had intended, we stopped for a picnic lunch, at which point....

....a golden eagle came by. Deciding that we were obviously in need of amusement, he proceeded to give us a flying display....

....circling round and round over our heads....

....and coming lower and lower.

For such a huge bird, everything he did seemed effortless. He only occasionally flapped his wings - and look at the way he's extended his tail feathers to make a better shot.

It's evident that this was no ordinary eagle, but one that understands a photographer's need for excitement in every picture, so he....

....rose a bit higher and managed to insert himself against a con trail, and then....

....found the waning moon to add a different interest.

Having given us about a quarter of an hour of his time, he steadily rose higher and higher into the blue, until we could hardly see him. Then with one last look down on us, as if to make quite sure we were happy, he flew off eastwards.


  1. So Jealous, great sighting and pictures.

    The Raptor

  2. Are you sure he wasn't sizing you up for lunch?

  3. Great shots Jon, your bird is actually a juvenile White tailed Eagle. You can tell by the huge square wings and shorter tail. It will probably have been eyeing you as a casualty!

  4. A useful Mull website here:

  5. Many thanks for the comments - and, yes, we did think at one point that our picnic might turn into an eagle's lunch.

    You're right about the identification, Stewart. I went on the shape of the tail, which is fan- rather than wedge-shaped. But the tail feathers have the first signs of white, and the wing is very broad.

    And thanks for the link, Darryck.


  6. Great shots, very envious. Will be up your way in 10 days time. Very much looking forward to it. Hope the weather holds.

  7. We've never before had so many eagle sightings, particularly sea eagles (when I can identify them correctly). Jon

  8. Would I be considered a killjoy or a pedant by pointing out that it is a waxing moon on your cracking photo...?

  9. Killjoy you certainly are not, and pedants are always welcome on this blog, Tom. I hate making factual errors and welcome correction. I know, from being out chasing auroras, that it's a waxing moon, so heaven knows why I made that mistake. Two in one blog! Oh dear! Jon