Thursday, 31 March 2016

Learning Centre News - and an Invitation

From Dale Meegan:
As we come to the end of our autumn and winter programme of courses which have been subsidised by a Highlife Highland grant, we are looking at new ways of providing courses in the future. The reason for this is that with the cuts faced by Highland Council there will no longer be any grants to Learning Centres like ours to subsidise these short courses. However in discussion with members of our local Community Engagement Group, we hope this won’t stop us providing a programme next autumn even if there are some changes to the number of courses and the costs. Our intention is to keep costs as low as possible so as not to exclude anyone from participating.

 In the meantime we are open for applications for College courses for 2016-17. If you are interested in doing a vocational qualification or a degree visit the College website at or call in to the Learning Centre or contact Dale Meegan or Rachael Kidd. There are a huge number of courses and qualifications available and many can be accessed by video conferencing from the Learning Centre.

Plans are also underway for a summer programme building on the success of last year when over 250 people, both locals and visitors, booked onto guided walks, workshops and talks.

Meanwhile, there have been some changes at the Learning Centre. The walls have a display of old photographs from the West Ardnamurchan area, and we're in the early stages of putting together an archive of local documents and artefacts which will be of interest to both residents and visitors.

The Invitation:

The Board and Principal of West Highland College (University of the Highlands and Islands) will be coming to Kilchoan on Tuesday 12th April and would like to meet people from the area. Please come along to the Learning Centre between 2pm and 3.30pm to meet them informally over a cup of tea. It’s a great opportunity to tell them how valuable the Learning Centre is to this community.

For more information about any of the above contact -

Dale Meegan on 01397 874260 or or 01972 510322

Rachael Kidd on 01397 874508 or

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