Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Raptor's Birds

The Raptor has been out with his camera again, taking some stunning shots of Ardnamurchan's bird life.  His first offer is a warbler which he confidently identifies as a sedge warbler.  He's equally decisive about....

....another warbler, a species which seems to thrive at his end of the village but which, to my best knowledge, has only ventured to our end once - a grasshopper warbler.

He's even confident with his identification of this one, a rather smart male chaffinch, of which we have plenty. Perhaps he'd be so kind as to swap one of ours for a grasshopper warbler.

At this point, as he approaches the shore line and following his problems with sanderlings and sandpipers, the Raptor starts to become a little nervous with his identifications, although he's fairly confident with this haughty beast, a herring gull.  But....

....the Raptor falls apart completely on anything that resembles a wader, so this lovely little bird is identified only as a 'shore bird'.

Many thanks to the Raptor for his pictures.


  1. Great pics as per, shore bird - common sandpiper, good effort as they are very nervy birds.

  2. I think the mystery shore bird could be a common sandpiper but I would be happy to be corrected on this, as I'm no expert either

  3. I was happily astonished by the beauty of the lichen tapestry on the rocks of Ockle a couple of weeks ago, and nicely caught in the frame with the hansom 'shore bird'. More lichen please Jon.

  4. Many thanks for the identifications. I'm sure the Raptor knew what it was, but he's a little nervous....

    The lichens here are amazing - will try to oblige with more of them, Derryck. Jon