Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tall Ships Parade

We've had the pleasure of watching three tall ships sail past us in the last few days.  First was the Oosterschelde, a Dutch schooner built in 1918 as a cargo ship and later used for various purposes before being brought back to the Netherlands and fully restored.  She now earns her keep by taking passengers - her website is here.

The barquentine Thalassa passed us yesterday.  She's another Dutch ship which has been lovingly restored and, again, makes money to keep her that way by taking passengers. Her website is here.

We've seen the Danish training ship Georg Stage in the Sound several times before.  Built in 1934 for the Georg Stage Foundation, set up to provide training for Danish sailors, she came through last night under engines, working northwards into a steady breeze.

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  1. We saw the Oosterschelde in Stornaway harbour last Sunday and Monday. Sheltering!!