Friday, 19 June 2015

'Out of Doors' at Mingary Castle

Mark Stephen of BBC Radio Scotland's 'Out of Doors' programme recently visited Mingary Castle and recorded a piece about the building and the works currently being carried out.  He's seen here with his researcher, Laura Cuthill, and Mark Thompson, right, of Ashley Thompson, the main building contractor for the Mingary Castle project.

The piece is available on BBC iPlayer Radio here.


  1. Jon,

    A great piece about a fantastic project. I take it from all the heavy breathing that the stairs were rather steep.

    Alasdair Thornton

  2. Thanks, Alasdair - steep stairs and age. Jon

  3. Brilliant radio clip, I wish it was on television!! Nice to put a voice to Jon!

  4. We are up there again in early August, but i think we will be too early to see it all!