Thursday, 25 June 2015

Lochaber Environmental Group Challenge

Lochaber Environmental Group are running a travel challenge this July and would love to hear from people in Kilchoan keen to take part.

We are looking for people to fill in a travel diary for 7 days in July while attempting to make a change from the car to walking, cycling or public transport. We understand that rural Lochaber is lacking travel options and it would be really good to collect more data on the difficulties to help inform future work.

There will be a prize draw for entrants, with a £100 first prize and other prizes donated by local businesses. We hope entrants will be able to use the travel challenge to enable them to take a fresh look at their travel needs while save money and providing useful information for Lochaber Environmental Group.

For further details please email:, phone: 01397 700090 or check out our website or like our Facebook page.

Lochaber Environmental Group has recently started a new project, funded by the Climate Challenge Fund, with a focus on the communities of Kilchoan, Kilmallie and Caol. We will be running several events focussing on energy efficiency and reducing household bills in Kilchoan later in the year.

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