Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Frustration Continues

Continuing grey skies and cool temperatures aren't the main frustration over this mid-summer time, even though the scenery can have a drab grandeur. Living in the Highlands, we should be accustomed to them, but it's much tougher on holidaymakers.  This is the Hebridean Princess, a small luxury cruise ship which often anchors for the night near Kilchoan, either on the opposite, Mull shore in Bloody Bay, or in the wide bay between Mingary Castle and Maclean's Nose.  Which she chooses depends on the wind direction: last night she was spoilt for choice.

This fine motor cruiser, the MySue, came in to Kilchoan Bay around lunchtime yesterday and moored at one of the West Ardnamurchan Jetty Association's moorings.  The AIS/MT website tells us that she's moving south, having previously called at Mallaig, and is currently in Tobermory.

No, the main frustration is waking up to see AuroraWatch's continuing trace of the huge solar storm that's bathing the Earth and which should, in dark, clear night skies, be giving us terrific auroras.  It's noticeable on their Flickr page that a few Scottish pictures are appearing, but very few, most of Scotland having the same problems as we have.

Never mind, it may be grey but the orchids are doing their best to keep us cheerful.  This is a fragrant orchid in full bloom in the meadow at the top of the croft near the common grazings fence. Unfortunately, the simple categorisation of these scented orchids into one species seems to be changing.  There are now three, of which this is likely to be the common Gymnadenia borealis, the heath fragrant orchid.  One of the other species is unlikely to grow here, but another rare one, the marsh fragrant, grows on Mull - see the First Nature website.

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