Sunday, 28 June 2015

Kilchoan Coastguard Rescue

From Chris Gane:
"Early this afternoon, Colin McKechnie and Pinkie both spotted a dinghy drifting in the bay and it turned out that a yacht, Tigger Too, currently on one of the West Ardnamurchan Jetty Association's visitor moorings, had lost it to the wind when it became untied. Effectively marooned on their yacht the crew called the Coastguard who tasked Kilchoan Coastguard to the rescue.

"In the brisk westerly breeze, the dinghy had drifted to near Mill Burn. It was retrieved, loaded onto the roof of the Coastguard vehicle, and taken to the jetty where a fish farm boat was commandeered....

....and the dinghy returned to the yacht.

"It's nice to think that there are so many people in the village who are keeping their eye out for people who need help and that the Coastguard volunteers are so willing to help others."

Many thanks to our reporter, Chris Gane, for story & pictures.

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