Tuesday, 4 February 2014

NHS Guidance Leaflet

Knowing how to access the right medical services, particularly in an emergency, is important wherever anyone lives, but on West Ardnamurchan, where the NHS services have changed considerably in the last few years, there is particular need for clarity.  So West Ardnamurchan Community Council has been working with NHS Highland and the Scottish Ambulance Service to produce a simple, easily-understood guide, not only for residents but also for the many visitors who stay here.  It is planned to put the guide into every house and business, and into such things as caravans and camping sites.

The above is the latest draft of the leaflet - compare it with the general one published by NHS Highland which is here.  WACC has been asked to circulate the West Ardnamurchan version for comments before it is printed.  If anyone has any comments, please either use the Blogger 'Comment' system below, or send it to kilchoandiary@btinternet.com.


  1. I should like to make several points.
    1. The Out of Hours times do not mirror the Acharacle surgery opening hours as the surgery opens at 08.30 and closes at 18.00. Perhaps the leaflet shoud make this clear as people will expect to receive an answer from the surgery except in the Out of Hours period.
    2.The expression "routine conditions" seems odd as to a patient or parent most illness is far from routine. The word routine is not used in the general NHS Highland leaflet.
    3.While it may be sensible to seek the advice of a pharmacy re the contents of a home medicine cabinet it is unlikely anyone in West Ardnamurchan is going to go to Fort William or Tobermory to seek advice re a minor ailment.Perhaps the Health Board should be realistic and admit this is not an option here as pharmacists normally only offer a face to face consultation.
    5. Is this leaflet to be circulated throughtout the West Ardnamurchan Community Council area as the Glenmore to Laga area was left out of previous health board mailings?
    Richard Houston,Glenborrodale

  2. This has changed slightly - to be sure of getting an emergency responder do we call 999 or if we call NHS 24 is there a guarantee that NHS 24 know that West Ardnamurchan has emergency responders. Trevor

  3. Many thanks, Richard - very helpful.
    As far as the circulation is concerned, we have suggested to NHS Highland that WACC arranges the circulation so, for example, we can ensure that these go in to holiday cottages via their owners.

  4. Trevor, again, many thanks. We hope that the leaflet makes it clear that, in ALL emergencies, you call 999. This should activate both the Emergency Responders and the Strontian ambulance, though the ERs will turn the ambulance back if they can cope with the problem. As I understand it, NHS24 can also call out the ambulance if they feel the problem warrants it, which should trigger the ERs too. Jon