Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Poem

by Joey MacKenzie:

West Highland Plea

Rain – you are the bane
Of my existence.
Last night I heard you beating on my pane,
This morning you are dribbling there again.
What is it to be today?
Without your aider and abetter,
Wind, a steady seep?
It beats me why you keep
Hanging around here all day,
How I wish you'd go away
Go and take a holiday.
Oh yes.  Please do!
For now, we've really had enough of you,
So, take a break.  Hie away!
Absent yourself for quite some time
Think of the places where you're missed
And there deliver your largesse.

Reproduced, with the family's permission, from Joey MacKenzie's publication 'A Handful of Verses', 1995.
Joey lived most of her life at Kilmory, on the north coast.
Picture looks across the beach at Kilmory to Achateny.


  1. It would be nice to think that someone "up there" would take heed of this very apt poem and give us all a break!

  2. Aunty Joey - much missed .... rain - not so much! Sue