Monday, 17 February 2014

Graffiti Found in MIngary Castle Chapel

Archaeologists believe that these marks were cut into the 13th-century plaster of the castle chapel, built into the original north curtain wall of the castle - full story here.

When the chapel was later severely damaged by cannon fire, it was hurriedly filled in by the defenders using, amongst other things, this piece of cannon ball, found by Ricky Clark.

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  1. History often stands leaving its Cairns for our interpretation. Seeking sanity from antiquated pasts. Wars lost, walls rebuilt, where life lives eternal to destiny's fate, and finds in its wake a futures fate.The installation of a "biogas" system and the "haried" walls" used in restoration caught my interest in this castles destined fate.
    Curious about both. I have heard that at some point in time the fiber added was Hemp not Hair. In fact added to mortar potentially. I find the unique proximity of the two alternative energy sustainability there to be Methane(biogas) and the Windmill electricity. Fascinating blog about Scotland having both. thank you