Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Butting Problem

We had just under 27mm of rain between 8.00am yesterday and the same time this morning, and the early part of last night saw a near gale in the enclosed waters of the Sound.

Everything is absolutely saturated.  Trees appear to be growing out of lakes, fields are flooded, roads are knee-deep in water...,

....and our vegetable gardens are more like swimming pools.  This cabbage, with its roots permanently saturated, hasn't grown in two months.

Unlike many of you who live on flatter lands or flood plains, we're lucky that most surface water here drains away quickly.  A burn that is a raging torrent one minute can be down to its normal level in a few hours.  However, the effects of weeks and weeks on unremitting grey skies and dampness have more subtle effects, both on people and their animals.

For example, a serious outbreak of butting has broken out amongst the local tups.  The gentleman in this field has turned so cantankerous that owner Nan MacLachlan has had a special notice commissioned warning passers by not to enter his field and, if they really have to, not to turn their back on him.

He's not alone.  Two other crofters have reported similar problems with tups which, until recently, never caused any problem.  It may be that they, like the local humans, are cordially fed up with the weather and are inclined to take their frustrations out on anything that's not on the lookout.
Not that it's all grey skies.  This afternoon we enjoyed a brief clearance which was accompanied by some spectacular rainbows, with weather that reminded us of October with its sunshine and sudden, sharp showers.  The forecast is for a continuation of these strong westerlies.

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  1. Good photo of Hughie in his fleece !!!