Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Busy Day in the Sound

So we had a 'proper' sunrise this morning, the sun appearing above the Morvern horizon shortly after 7.50 and shining across a Sound which was hardly ruffled by a light breeze.  It's a pity the wind didn't blow the clouds away first as it's been a lovely but sunless day.

First light revealed this ship, the Bibby Tethra, a ship which has an unusual and supposedly very efficient hull design - details here.  She's one of five ships owned and operated by Osiris Projects which specialise in seabed surveys.  They say of themselves, "Since 1997, we have worked closely with clients from the oil and gas, offshore renewables, submarine cables, ports and harbours, aggregates and utilities industries to provide efficient and cost-effective survey services."

She has spent the day steaming back and forth between the Kilchoan's CalMac pier and Tobermory. Since oil and gas are unlikely to be found in the Sound of Mull, the only thing in the list that might be applicable is submarine cables.  Could it be that she's doing a survey for the high-speed broadband cable which is supposed to be coming through Kilchoan in about a year's time?

An unusual passer-by at this time of year was the yacht seen to the right of the picture.  Sadly, she didn't have AIS so we don't know her name.

Also in the Sound today was the Forth Guardsman, a multi-purpose workboat owned by Briggs Marine, website here.  One of her capabilities is to lay submarine cables - though her presence here at the same time as the Tethra must be a coincidence.

As the Forth Guardsman was moving down the Sound, she was passed by the Yeoman Bridge, heading in ballast for the quarry at Glensanda.  In the background are the snow-covered slopes of  Ben Talaidh.

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  1. It is possible that the survey ship is on charter to the Poop company of Somerset that have been contracted by the current duke of Argyll in his fourth search for the fabled sunken bullion of the spanish armada. The contract which started this week is due to run for 8 weeks.