Thursday, 27 February 2014

Aurora at Last!

We're just back from Sanna where, at last, we saw a really good display of the northern lights.  This one, which was taken from the bridge between Sanna and Achnaha, also includes Taurus and the Pleiades, and looks over Meall Sanna, while....

....this one looked northwest from Sanna itself, with the lights of Lower Sanna....

....and this looked north.  The sky was plagued with cloud, but Stewart Pote at Achnaha saw it a little earlier....

....and these three were taken by him.

For anyone who is awake at this time, the display continues, though here on West Ardnamurchan clouds are, once again, spoiling it for us.

Many thanks to Kilchoan Early Bird for alerting us to the display and to Stewart for the three lower photos.


  1. Well done, Jon! Good shots. It was only the other day you were doubting your chances, too. The very unusually persistent sunspot responsible may cause more lights over the next week or so.

  2. What wonderful photos! I stayed up until 3am this morning hoping to see something (I live in Hull, but the BBC told us they may be visible as far south as Wales), but had no luck. I may need prodding a few times at work today!
    Another site you may be interested in is below. This provides an up-to-the-minute image of the aurora position as seen by satellite (although you do need to keep pressing F5 to refresh the image).

  3. Fantastic photos, I was at a gig last night during the peak of activity which is a real shame as it seems I should have been able to see it even from York. I tried to take some photos when I got home but had no luck.

  4. We were incredibly lucky, and I'm so thrilled to have seen a good display again. My commiserations to those who, like Andrew, missed it.

    Many thanks Anonymous for warning us that more may be in the offing, and thanks, Matt, for the reference to another useful aurora site. Jon.

  5. Brilliant pics, Wish we'd been there to see them.
    Georgia x