Friday, 7 February 2014

Glorious Sunshine

We have a brief window in the weather today: it's been sunny from about nine onwards, so driving around the village has been an absolute pleasure.  Many of you will know this view, of the hill down into the village after passing Glasbheinn Cottages, with Kilchoan Bay laid out before you and the white houses of Ormsaigbeg in the distance.

This is the Sanna turn.  Bear right for Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse and such wonderful places as Portuairk and Sanna, or carry straight on for the shop.  The heights in the distance are Beinn na Seilg to the left and Stacan Dubha to the right, and in the foreground are two typical croft cottages.

We had to go down to the ferry terminal at Rubha Aird an Iasgaich, which gives views across to Mingary Castle and Ben Hiant, to catch the....

....11.45 ferry to Tobermory.  Perhaps it was the weather, but the service was busy for a winter's day, with half a dozen foot passengers and one car.

It's a brief break in the weather.  By late tonight we're promised a near gale, and the forecast for tomorrow is wet and windy all day.

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