Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fire Risk High

We were walking at Fascadale today in bright, clear weather, and commenting on the tinder-dryness of the grass and heather - the colours and crunchy-brittleness of the vegetation reminded us of Africa in the dry season.  Only yesterday Hughie MacLachlan, a member of the Kilchoan fire team, was saying that the chances of a moor fire were extremely high.

The Kilchoan fire engine has just left the village with its siren wailing, and there's a pall of smoke across the sky to the east of us, beyond Ben Hiant.


  1. There's a large hill fire east of Strontian this afternoon. There is a pall of smoke still drifting down the loch at 6.20pm

  2. I want to thank you for writing this blog. I have never been to Scotland. I live in America. My ancestors were from the area around Mingarry castle. When I found your blog it amazed me at how much you bring Kilchoan to life for someone who has never been there. So thank you again. Hopefully one day I will be able to come to Kilchoan and I will recognize everything from your blogs.

    Sharon Goff

  3. Do you realise that the BBC has been reading and directly quoting off your blog?
    'A spokesman for Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue told the BBC much of the region was "tinder dry".'

    Aka, they looked at your blog, used Hughie Maclachlan's credentials and stuck it on their website.

  4. Many thanks, Andrea, for clarifying where the fire is.

    Hi Sharon, I'm so pleased you enjoy the Diary and that it brings the Kilchoan area to life. There were three settlements around Mingary castle - Corrievullin, Skinid and Mingary itself. Do you know which they came from?

    Hughie has friends all over the place, probably in the BBC as well. Maybe he supplies the Corporation with pork.

  5. Jon,
    My father was a Mckeen. As far as I can tell I have gotten back to William Mckeane on Ardnamuchan in 1570-1630. I haven't been able to get much more info. I am guessing they were once inhabitants of the castle but I havent got the connection made yet.