Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ormsaigbeg Happenings

This is the mucky weather we endured yesterday, with snow across Mull and Morvern but little here, even on top of Ben Hiant, except some flakes blowing in a force 7 wind.  The wind wasn't quite as keen as on Friday, but it was bitterly cold out.  The picture looks out across the Sound of Mull from Ormsaigbeg to Glengorm Castle.

It may be the cold weather driving them further afield to look for food, but we've seen two eagles in the last few days, one a golden eagle and this one, this morning, a mature sea eagle.  It came low across Trevor Potts' Ardnamurchan Campsite and settled on the small headland below our house before taking to the skies again and doing a sweep all along Ormsaigbeg.

The Diary had naively assumed that, since there continued to be two spotted pigs and a ginger one in Angus-John Cameron's enclosure, that it was the same three sows reported upon here.  Not a bit of it.  The ginger Portuairk-type Tamworth sow has gone, to be replaced by an....

....even more wicked-looking boar.  Look - he's got tusks!  The Diary's view is that this is probably a Portuairk-Tamworth-wild boar cross, entirely the wrong sort of animal to be living in a nice housing estate like Ormsaigbeg.  Imagine meeting him on a dark night!

He makes Bobby look positively friendly.


  1. Awe a ginger Wilbur!!! giggle

  2. That looks like a pure Tamworth. Countryfile's Adam Henson's father crossed them with wild boar to recreate Iron Age pigs, which I've seen thrive up at Gairloch. Their meat is absolutely excellent. The boars of those look even more redoubtable. Not that I would wish to give anyone any ideas, or anything.....

  3. Hi Tanis - If you think he's cute, send me the postage and I'll parcel him up and send him airmail.

    I was tempted to consign the second comment to the spam folder, but have posted it in the the fervent hope that Angus-John doesn't see it.