Wednesday, 20 March 2013


The spring equinox - the day that has equal lengths of day and night - is today, not tomorrow as many of us thought.  The exact time it happened was 11.02am.  For the science, see Wikipedia entry here.

At a more mundane level, this is the sunrise from Ormsaigbeg this morning, with the sun appearing over Stellachan Dubha.


  1. It would be great if Spring would finally arrive today too, but here in Glencoe, Winter still has a firm icy grip.

  2. Beautiful sunny day here in Kilchoan - though we had a few small flakes of snow around lunchtime.

    1. And here on the Essex Riviera it's tried to rain but the wind has pushed the clouds back. Great pictures as ever Jon!
      Peter C

  3. Here on the south coast, Sunny Weymouth, it has been almost cloud free and sunny all day, real spring like! so the North South divide remains?? Keep up the good work Jon, i look forward each day to reading what has gone on up North
    Dave C

  4. Inverleigh, Victoria, Australia - no calm Autumn weather here - hot blustery north wind with black skudding clouds but still no proper rain, about 27C. Trying to eat out the vegie garden before our trip to UK so its corn, golden squash, silverbeet and nashi pears again. Grassfire about 10k away with firetrucks rushing along the highway, full lights and sirens going. The dog next door is going mad. Just love this blog. Cheers Liz McD