Sunday, 24 March 2013

Community Garden's New Shop

From Dale Meegan:

The Community Garden opposite the Sonachan Hotel has a new shop, thanks to garden volunteers Richard and Alistair. Built in all weathers over several weeks, the roof finally went on in February and it is now open with the first produce of the year.

A more substantial structure than the old stall, with amazing views across to Canna, would-be shoppers can now shelter from the elements (or midges) and enjoy the view. Current produce includes leeks, spring greens, parsley, kale, and unusual salad!

For those wanting to grow their own vegetables in the excellent soil we have cultivated, there are outdoor raised beds and indoor beds in the poly-tunnel to rent. We will also shortly be starting up the vegetable bag scheme again: bags include the staple items of potatoes, carrots and onions supplemented with a variety of seasonal produce. Bags cost £10 or £15 and are available weekly or less often if you prefer.

The garden wouldn’t be the success it is without its band of volunteers who meet there every Wednesday afternoon from 2pm . There are plenty of tasks for anyone whatever their ability so come and join us.  For more details about the garden, see here, or for more information contact Ritchie at or Dale at


  1. Sanna cannot be seen from Sonachan the bags seem a bit expensive especially for pensioners

    1. Oops, meant to say Canna!

      Thanks for raising the issue of the cost of the bags for pensioner's, we would be happy to offer smaller bags for single person households at £5.- per bag.
      The produce should be available for all the community to enjoy.