Monday, 25 March 2013

Unusual Traffic

Coaches are sufficiently unusual on our roads for The Diary to take this picture of one just after 11.00am this morning, turning into Pier Road.  The little Raasay was on the 11.35am ferry run to Tobermory.  Did they squeeze the coach aboard?


  1. Hope it wasn't like the German coach a few years ago that got stuck half way on the ferry. The ferry had to had to retreat into the water because the tide was going out and it caused the coaches rear end to go into the tide which in turn caused a lot of problems.

  2. It was bound to happen sooner or later. The various part EU funded road improvements on the peninsular have made it less probable that a coach might have to reverse more than 500 mtrs to a place where regular delivery trucks for food, building products, oil and bulk gas delivery tankers or even our fire or ambulance services might be able to squeeze past. Diary regulars will recall that two opposing trucks... one loaded with bulk gas..failed to pass each other unscathed just last year. Both vehicles had experienced drivers well used to this demanding route.

    Not all risks are worthwhile. One misplaced "coach" wheel could completely block access to the scene for all emergency services. One slight misjudgement and 'first response' by road along the peninsular would be impossible.