Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Stony Request

From Gael Cameron

The Kilchoan Playpark is now only a 'stones throw' away from being able to get started.

We are looking for stone of any shape or form - small gravel to large boulders and all that comes in between. There is a large amount of soft peat that needs to be removed and replaced with a more solid base to stabilise the ground before any equipment can be put in place.

A very generous local who wishes to remain anonymous (but works on the fish farm and has recently bought a property on Glebe Hill) has donated a large amount of stone to the Playpark. A group of helpful locals turned up on Saturday to help load the stone into the Loader and Dumper to be transported for safe keeping until it's required. Thanks to Ivor for letting us use his Dumper. Thanks to Callum and Kayleigh for the stone.

If you have any stone you would like to get rid of please contact Rosie on 01972 510 754.

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