Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hughie Steals the Show

The Diary sat down last night to enjoy the Landward programme under the misapprehension that this was to be the moment in which the Kilchoan pigs would be projected to stardom but, although they featured - briefly - it was Hughie MacLachlan who stole the show.

Hughie was a natural on television, clearly explaining the purpose of the Kilchoan Pig Club, and describing the sterling work the pigs do in removing bracken from West Ardnamurchan's fields. So good, in fact, that, had The Diary been the presenter of the show, it would have been quite worried for its job.

Some of the highlights of the show included a sequence in which the presenter enjoyed his cut of roast pork, with apple sauce, at the Sonachan Hotel, with a lingering shot of the last morsel on his plate, and this brief clip of the members of the Pig Club.

For anyone who inadvertently missed this great piece of television, it's repeated at 11.00am on Wednesday 27th April.

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