Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Weekend

This was the view yesterday midday from the ridge at the back of Sanna, of which Meall Sanna is the highest point, looking northwest, with the Isle of Muck in the distance. Although the day had started grey, with some drizzle, it simply got better and better, and today, Easter Monday, promises to be warm and sunny.

The Sanna road, as one would expect on an Easter Sunday, was severely crowded: we passed three cars between Kilchoan and Achnaha. Worse, while walking, we actually met another pair of walkers, something quite unheard of around here.

There were far more wheatears than humans. These little birds have just arrived back from their winter holiday in Central Africa, and they're busy sorting out territories ready for mating. The name, so Wikipedia says, has nothing to do with 'wheat' but derives from 'white' and 'arse', a reference to the white rump that's prominent when the bird flies.

With the changing seasons there's more traffic in the Sound of Mull - much of it related to human summer visitors. This is the Ullin of Staffa, one of the many sightseeing boats that take visitors out to places such as Staffa. She takes trippers out from Fiannphort and Oban and isn't frequently seen around here.

A much better known boat is the Waverley, the world's last seagoing paddle steamer, which tours the coasts of Britain during the summer. This picture was taken on Saturday when she was completing a day trip north from Oban. The Waverley's website is here.

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