Friday, 22 April 2011

Another Fundraising Success

On Saturday 19th March, Jacqui and John Chapple and a whole host of helpers organised a Fund Raising Dinner at Glenborrodale Castle in aid of The Kilchoan Play Park. Many people contributed food, drink and prizes for the lucky dip, raffle and auction.

The venue
for the evening, at Glenborrodale Castle, was very kindly donated by Mr Donald Houston. With everyone's generosity combined it was certain to be a fantastic night.

The evening kicked off with all the guests being greeted with a glass of red or white wine. The atmosphere warmed up quickly as people mingled and chatted, waiting patiently for the buffet to be announced.

The layout inside the castle was exceptional and charming. A proper formal dining room had tables beautifully set and the large lounge had a more casual setting where you could relax by the huge log fire and enjoy your meal. The food was wonderful, with choices of soups, salads, hot meat dishes, a vegetarian selection and some divine desserts.

The evening moved on once the buffet was polished off as people took the 'Bring your own Bottle' on the advert to mean Bring Your Own Bottles (and lots of them).

Rosie invited everyone into the lounge where the raffle was to be held. She gave an update on the Playpark's fundraising situation and presented a bouquet of flowers to Jacqui to thank her and her team for all their efforts with the fundraising dinners. She also presented flowers to Jacs on behalf of the Playpark committee for all the hard work she has put in doing application after application in the hope that funding bodies would see our project as a worthy cause. As the gaining of funds from these sources has proved difficult, all credit goes to our small but very generous community for their support and input.

Anyway back to the evening... Rosie and John then took to the floor to provide one of the funniest double acts I've seen in a long time. The raffle took place first, with many great prizes going to worthy ticket holders, and then came the auction.

As the hilarity between the two MCs continued, it came to the point that people were scared to blink as Rosie saw this as a bid. I'm pretty sure all the participants paid over the odds for their purchases but that's what a charity auction is all about and there was a great laugh into the bargain.

The night raised the fantastic amount of £1,585.

"Thank You" to everyone who Organised, Helped, Attended, Donated and Laughed. Here's hoping we can have many more community nights like this one.

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