Friday, 29 April 2011

Sea Kayaking with Gordon Brown

With Ardnamurchan's stunning coastline offering endless opportunities for sea kayaking, it wasn't surprising that over thirty people crowded into the small classroom at Trevor Potts' Ardnamurchan Campsite last night to listen to a talk on sea kayaking by Simon Willis. With all chairs taken, some stood and others had to sit on the floor.

Simon, who lives in Strontian, is an ex-BBC cameraman who is now busy making DVDs with Gordon Brown, one of Scotland's top sea kayakers. For some of us, for whom upside-down in a kayak means a long swim, what we saw in clips from Simon's forthcoming DVD, the second with Gordon, was both a revelation and a spur to improve our seagoing skills.

Many thanks to Geoff Campbell of Kilchoan Kayak Club for organising the event, at which the refreshments were a little stronger than the usual cup of tea.

An idea of what we enjoyed last night can be obtained from the video clip, here, while Simon Willis' blog is here - from which there are several interesting links, and where you can buy the first DVD.

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