Friday, 3 March 2017

The US Marines Arrive

A military transport 'plane came up from the south this afternoon, flying low over the Sound of Mull. It climbed steeply over Kilchoan Bay and turned northeast before flying off over the peninsula.

Its markings suggest it was a Lockheed KC-130J Hercules of the US Marine Corps.

If you want to watch a YouTube video of this 'plane, no 380, landing - which sadly, it didn't do here today - it's here.

It made a great deal of noise - which didn't put one of our resident robins off his singing.

In case you didn't notice - just look at that blue, Ardnamurchan sky!


  1. As with the shipping photos Jon those of passing aircraft are equally welcome. A US 'Fat Albert' is not an everyday sighting. Geoff

  2. What a great name for it! That said, it was able to climb remarkably quickly. Jon