Friday, 31 March 2017

A Song Thrush's Nest

We have a neat place at the end of the lean-to along the back of the house where we store our garden tools. Inevitably, it's been taken over by the younger generation as a convenient place to abandon their kit - like a surf board.

While we were away last weekend, with the back of the house now lacking a feline presence, a thrush moved in and began to build her nest....

....balancing it on top of a garden rake and against the top of the surf board.

Like so many birds' nests, it's beautifully constructed of leaves, grass and moss, with the interior a hard shell - presumably built of compacted mud - which rather resembles the inside of a coconut shell.

We fear that, since our return, we've disturbed our fellow resident. She's flown in and out of the nest a couple of times but appears to have given up and abandoned it.

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