Sunday, 19 March 2017

A Three Lochan Walk

If you're looking for a short but interesting walk which starts from Kilchoan, this one passes three picturesque lochans and explores part of Kilchoan Township's common grazings. It starts from the bottle bank. Cross the bridge over the Millburn and turn off the road to the right beyond the green container, following the sheep track along the edge of the woodland along a small tributary burn.

The sides of the glen are steep and filled with birch and hazel, but one of western Ardnamurchan's finest waterfalls is visible from the sheep track, as is Hughie's apportionment, a section of the common grazings which he has, by agreement with the other crofters, been allowed to fence. In it, there is a good chance of seeing.... piglets.

The view opens as one approaches Lochan na Ealachan, the lochan of the swan, appropriately named as, during the annual wildfowl migrations, this lochan is often used as a resting place for large flocks of swans. Keep along the higher ground until....

 ....Lochan na Crannaig comes into view. One can stick to the higher and drier ground, and return to the road, but if you're prepared to cross a small burn and risk the boggy lower land round the lochan, one can visito the 'island' which was once used as a pulpit and or may not have been a crannog - see earlier post here.

Cross the road and head into the hills at the back of Sonachan Hotel, to find the third and last lochan, Lochan an Aodainn. Aodann means 'face' in Gaelic, and was the name of a small settlement in the area where Sonachan now stands.

The easy way back is along the road, but if you're a strong walker, head south towards Beinn na Seilg and then turn east to skirt the glassy area in Lag a' Choire - you might find the remains of the illicit whisky still that's supposed to be sited there.

Map courtesy Streetmap.

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  1. Excellent, I'll give that a go next time I'm up there. Thanks for the map too!